Category: Post-Surgical

Sep2nd 2020

Judith B.

I couldn’t do too much with my knee... I was taught to walk, stand, balance, and go up and downstairs. The very best part was the TENS stimulation and warm compress! Thank you for all your work for my recovery!

Sep2nd 2020

Jamie O.

When I came to PT for the first time I was six weeks post knee surgery. I could barely walk. PTI helped me build my strength. Now I’m back up and, in the process, I learned where I had been compensating. They taught me how to do things correctly so that I would stop compensating. 2.5 months later I am stronger than I was pre-op and I am functioning normally!

Sep2nd 2020

Tom B.

I had left knee surgery, I could not bend my knee or put weight on it. After PT, I have full motion in my knee, walking normally with no pain. My leg is strong and stable, I am very happy with the results. Many thanks to Robinson PT.