Category: Hip/Knee

Blake G.

Sep3rd 2020

When I started my physical therapy sessions I was experiencing pain in my knees every day. After going through the program, my pain levels have dropped significantly and occur a lot less frequently. Thank you to the great staff and service they have provided me

Sep2nd 2020

Barbara F.

I had my knee replaced, and started PT two weeks later. I couldn’t bike at all the first couple of weeks but gradually made the process. By the fourth week, I was making great progress on squats, steps, leg presses, and slides. During the sixth week, I could walk and sleep without pain. The therapists are great at managing my recovery.

Sep2nd 2020

Myra M.

have enjoyed my time here and have made some improvements. I am not having pain on either side of my shins or Charlie horses at night in my legs. I also have had some relief in my arthritis in my neck which is from an old injury.