Category: Foot/Ankle

Sep2nd 2020

Barbara S.

I came to PT group for shin splints. I had such severe pain and was not sleeping at all. I also had trouble walking and a minimum range of motion in my ankles.The therapists were extremely knowledgeable and personable in providing the right stretches to help in gaining mobility and relieving pain. I highly recommend the PT group and Corey.

Sep2nd 2020

Rich H.

There’s been an improvement in the flexibility of my left ankle through a rigorous therapy program here at PTI. Also, my legs are much stronger! The staff at PT is awesome! Always upbeat and more than ready to offer and assist in the therapy sessions! Thanks for helping me recover from my challenge!

Sep2nd 2020

Erin C.

My experience at PTI was great! I had some trouble with heel raises but the staff was helpful in making them easier. I loved how fun everyone was!