Physical Therapy Can Help Patients Recovering from Covid-19

Recovering from COVID-19 is no joke. There are several negative lasting effects from the virus, many of which cause a loss of muscle mass and heart issues. Here at Physical Therapy Institute, we offer methods of treatment for patients recovered from COVID-19. 

Recovery is never an easy road to go down alone. Refer to our office today; we can help your patients regain their stamina and muscle strength that was lost while they recovered from the virus.

How COVID-19 affects muscle strength and the heart

COVID-19 causes significant changes in a person’s levels of strength and can render them unable to leave their bed for long periods of time. This poses the threat of developing muscle atrophy. 

According to UT Southwestern Medical Center, “healthy people can lose approximately 1% to 1.5% of muscle strength per day with bedrest. The average hospital stay for COVID-19 is eight days. In just over a week, a patient could lose 12% of their muscle strength.”

Research at Hackensack Meridian Health has also revealed the ways COVID-19 affects the heart as well. A 2020 study shows “a considerable majority of patients […] were found to have had inflammation in the heart and muscle lining. This can be troubling as inflammation in the heart can lead to long-lasting cardiac disease and failure.” 

Physical therapy can help your patients recover

Although many medical professionals are turning to steroids to help patients regain their strength, physical therapy may be a better option in many cases. Steroids can speed up the breakdown of muscle mass and weakness and may also decrease the heart’s ability to pump blood throughout the body.

Dr. Sol M. Abreu-Sosa, a physical rehabilitation specialist who works with COVID-19 patients states, that “the sooner [a patient] can move, the better.” She explains that the COVID-19 patients she sees undergo three hours of physical therapy, five days per week, given that their vitals are stable.  

A physical therapist can determine the amount of muscle loss a patient recovering from COVID-19 has experienced. They can target affected areas to prioritize rebuilding strength and improving heart health. 

Physical Therapy Institute can guide your patients through treatment plans involving stretching and core strengthening. Their flexibility and blood circulation will improve through cardiovascular exercises that are geared towards helping a patient build up their muscle mass. 

Refer your patients to Physical Therapy Institute, today for COVID-19 recovery 

COVID-19 may have negative lasting effects on the body, but they don’t have to be detrimental to a person’s overall health. With the right amount of care, attention, and expertise, your patient can reach their previous levels of strength.

Movement is medicine. If you have patients who are struggling to become healthy again after a bout with COVID-19, refer them to our clinic today. One of our skilled therapists will determine areas that need strengthening, and keep you updated on your patient’s progress. 


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