Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a script from a Physician?

You can see a physical therapist to diagnose and treat your condition for 30 days without a physicians referral or prescription.

Does insurance cover physical therapy?

Physical therapy evaluation and treatment is covered by insurances, and we accept all major insurances.

What services do we provide?

At The Physical Therapy Institute we offer personalized physical therapy for all types of injuries. Patients can be seen pre-op, post-op, with or without a script from a Physician for any injury sustained from work, sports, falls, car accidents, repetitive activities or even neurological conditions sustained from stroke or some other form of trauma. We are able to treat any age, no matter the physical limitations.

How long does an evaluation or treatment session take?

Although each patient can vary, an initial evaluation or a treatment session can take approximately 1 hour. 

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