"I came to the Physical Therapy Institute with neck and shoulder pain with reduced mobility.  After just a few weeks, the shoulder pain was gone, and after a few more, my neck was very improved.  Sam and Katie were always professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.  I would recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their physical condition and is tired of being in pain."
Benjamin Schneider
“Let me start by saying Alicia Galis is an amazing physical therapist. My experience working with Alicia was extraordinary. From the day I actually ruptured Achilles to the day she released me to PT, she was always engaged in my progress and was innovative in my treatment to ensure I would have maximum results. One of the best qualities of Alicia has is she is not afraid to push me to do more. I come from an athletic background and she utilized that background to challenge me to the fullest. The facility was always welcoming, clean, and fun place to work out. She is well versed with current sport topics, which for me made it fun to discuss sports during my workouts. She is a great reflection of the company she represents that when my daughter suffered an injury in dance class, I brought her to PTI for her therapy as well. Hopefully, I won’t have another situation that requires physical therapy in my life, but if I do I will definitely be calling Alicia Galis and PTI for any treatments.
Peter Davilla

Alicia Galis is by far the best PT I have ever worked with. She doesn’t treat patients like “paying customers,” she makes a personal connection with everyone. She is caring, knowledgeable, knows how hard to push and how fast to move the patient along the recovery continuum. Discussions were ongoing and progress was well timed. After completing my therapy, my leg is stringer and my hip movement is back to normal. I have been able to return to performing tasks around my house and yard I so enjoy. My colleagues at work are amazed that I no longer walk with a limp and my gait is on track. Thanks Alicia!! Walking, stooping, bending are once again painless physical movements. I am feeling the best I have in years!

Mary SelleyeCalifornia Clinic

Great people, great service and a fun time during a difficult period. I recommend PTI to everyone. Thanks so much!

John SkorupanWarrendale Clinic

My experience at PTI has been nothing but extraordinary. The dedication of the entire staff to my improvement was fantastic, they pay attention to details of things that make you better. My range of movement and flexibly has improved tenfold. The progress I have made in the last two months is due to how hard they worked on me. I would recommend PTI to everyone. I thank Heather, Lauren, Kristen and Cathy for all they did for me, they even made it fun!

Ross JenningsMt. Lebanon Clinic

Before PT I had severe pain radiating from my lower back to my left foot. The pain continued from my back following my left leg and ended in my foot with numbness. Everyday activities were near impossible, even being seated was intolerable. I could not find a comfortable position while sleeping. With PT, I now have zero pain or discomfort and able to do my daily tasks without any restrictions. Each morning I do a few stretches to loosen up my back and I am fine for the remainder of the day.

Troy HoffmanElizabethtown Clinic
Dear Glenn: I want to thank you very much for the wonderful physical therapy you gave me over the past few months. I saw Dr. West on Monday, April 7th, and she was very pleased with the progress I had made. She advised that I have now completed my course of physical therapy, and am free to stretch on my own! I will continue to work on the exercises you taught me, using the print-outs you gave me. I just wanted to write this note to thank you very much for your skill and compassion. You are professionally in a league by yourself! Please give my thanks also to Brett and Jenna for their very fine assistance. -With Warm Regards
David W
"Thank you PTI.  As the dad of 2 daughters whom you have helped, I have recommended you to others in need of physical therapy. Your therapists and clinicians are to be commended for the exceptional care  and treatments they provide for their patients."
Jim ShineSouth Park PA

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