Professional Biomechanical Video Analysis by Glenn Holland, PT, ATC, SCS, CSCS

Over 20 years of evaluation, treatment, and professional video analysis of Pitching Mechanics

  • Professional Video Analysis and Baseball Screen (Upper/Lower Body assessment) = $150
  • Professional Video Analysis only =$100

Over 90% of all pitchers have issues in their delivery that prevent them from performing as well as they could and puts them at a high risk of injury. Injuries are rampant among baseball pitchers of all ages. Unfortunately, in most cases, pitchers, parents and coaches don’t recognize the risks of injury and until it is too late.

  • 60% of high school and collegiate pitcher experience shoulder or elbow pain
  • 45% of pitchers under the age of twelve experience chronic elbow pain

This analysis identifies the characteristics for peak pitching performance and the cautionary flags that hinder performance and lead to injury. The measurements are both angular and distance related. They compare the athlete’s measurements to those of the elite pitchers to determine where the pitcher has flaws in his delivery — flaws that will reduce performance and increase the risk of injury.

  • Pro Mirror video system used by numerous MLB teams
  • Improve velocity and accuracy
  • Reduce the risk of pitching injuries

Biomechanical analytics reflecting the 14 critical measurements of the pitching delivery include:

  • Stride Length
  • Arm angle at foot contact
  • Lead knee angle at foot contact
  • Lead foot placement
  • Maximum external rotation

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